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Private/Group Cabin Add-On for 3-5 Person Groups

You need 6+ people to get a free, automatic private cabin for your group.

Groups of 3-5 people can buy this Add-On to reserve a cabin for their group.

  • It's the same price for any number of nights.
  • If you are a single person or a couple, please don't buy this Add-On because it's for groups of 3-5 people.
  • Only one person in the group needs to buy the Add-On.
  • It can be purchased at the time of registration, or any time as a separate order.
  • Please try to provide the names of who will be in the cabin on the registration form during checkout.
  • If your group reaches 6 registered people then the cabin is free, so let us know and we'll refund the Add-On if somebody in the group already bought it.
  • This is a flat rate in addition to the ticket price, and paid one time by any member of the group (the fee is for the group, not per person).