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Welcome to the Wula Drum Store!

It is our personal mission to find a great drum for every drummer. For this reason we have developed different models of djembe at different prices - something for everyone. If you don't see what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us to see what is on the way from Guinea. For more information about our models, check out About Our Drums. Each unique design is handmade by our team of Wula master craftsmen in Guinea, West Africa. 

 We hope you enjoy playing our drums as much as we do making them -- Keep Drumming....

- Michael Markus - President- Wula Drum Inc.

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Recent Articles

Djembe Fever Drum & Dance Tour
March 12, 2017

Scientists have not yet been able to find a cure for Djembe Fever.

We strongly recommend NOT coming to the drum and dance classes, presented by M'Bemba Bangoura and Michael Markus across the U.S. on this Spring tour - it is highly likely that contact with these classes will infect anybody who is new to drum and dance, and it can dramatically intensify the symptoms of those who already have this highly contagious illness.

Read more to find out where these highly dangerous classes will be taking place

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Now Available on Mali Foli: Old Masters
May 30, 2016

The music for this album is traditional, "old school" Bambara-based djembe music. These arrangements were put together by master drummer Aruna Sidibe. He plays and is joined by his students and other musicians. The style is noticeably different than the one played by younger drummers or the "young gun" arrangements, the style currently favored in Bamako, for example.


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When dancers want to drum
February 17, 2016

sangban for dance photo

Everybody loves dundun dance, but dunduns are typically too small to get a comfortable striking angle. Wula's new Sangban for Dance are built extra tall so you can play comfortably while standing up, and focus on the dance moves! These large Sangban also sound great in a regular dundun ensemble. Wula also makes sticks that are just the right weight and size for dundun dance.

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How to play the Balafon: the ancient African xylophone
February 17, 2016

balafon griot famoro dioubate

The balafon is one of the oldest instruments in the world. Anybody can play a note on the balafon, just strike the note and listen to your beautiful sound! Griot and Wula Drum artist Famoro Dioubate's demonstration shows that there is much more to this instrument with endless variations on the three octaves tuned to a major scale.

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