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Different villages and regions have their own way of making and playing bells.

Bells can have different shapes, sizes, and sounds depending on where in Guinea they are from.

City Style


How they make them in Conakry: smaller than the Village style, more compact for the on the go City Hustle.

Approximated Measurements:

Dundun: 7" X 3.5"

Sangban: 6" X 3"

Kenkeni: 5" X 2.5"

Village Style


Malinke (Mandinka) Village in Upper Guinea. Sangbarala Bells are very long! Never seen in other places in Guinea. They are stamped with the village name for authenticity.

Approximated Measurements:

Dundun: 4" X 14"

Sangban: 3" X 12"

Kenkeni: 2.5" X 9.5"


Malinke (Mandinka) Village in Upper Guinea. Baro Bells are heavier and stocky.

Approximated Measurements:

Dundun: 4" X 10"

Sangban: 3" X 8"

Kenkeni: 2.5" X 7"

See Dundun Bells in Action

Craft & Culture

All Wula Drums are unique pieces made by hand in Guinea, West Africa from a single piece of wood.

Through our Reforestation Project, local forest guardians ensure that the wood is selectively sourced for sustainability of forest areas and the communities that surround them.

The Wula Team in Guinea carves and assembles each drum with precision and expert craftsmanship using the highest quality materials. Learn More: