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A great drum for every drummer

Wula Drum's dedicated team of drum builders in Guinea, West Africa work hard to create the highest quality instruments using the finest materials. Our hardwood djembes are sourced from the best woods in Guinea: Lengue (Lenke), Khadi (Hare), Doukie, and Acajou (Djalla). We use the light-weight, Melina Wood for our Melina models. The Wula djembe models are organized by form (shape), level of carving, and amount of decoration. Each artist crafts our instruments by hand, and every drum is a unique piece. We offer a wide variety of sizes, weights, and prices to provide a great drum for every drummer, novice to professional.

Wula Sounds

Wula Drum Djembe are carefully shaped to produce full tones, crisp slaps, and rich bass sounds. Watch soloists M'Bemba Bangoura and Laurent Camara to hear the sounds:



Wula Drum Models


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Melina SP Djembe

SP IC (Ivory Coast Style)


SP Dundun Set


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Classic Djembe

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Melina Classic Djembe


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