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Turn any Wula Shell into the djembe of your dreams


1. Ribbon & Ring Loops

Every Djembe uses 3 rings: two top rings and one bottom ring. The rings for a Custom Build Djembe are made of 1/4 inch cold-pressed steel. Ribbon is tied around the metal rings to protect the materials. We offer several different colors of ribbon for this purpose. Ring loops are the pieces of rope tied to the rings to create loops for the long piece of vertical rope to pass through. Ring loops are made from 4mm rope and come in several different colors.

2. Vertical Rope

This is the "main" rope on the djembe - the long piece that goes up and down through the ring loops around the bowl, and is then tightened to tune up the drum.

Several patterns are available - have fun combining different colors of ribbon, ring rope, and vertical rope when you customize your djembe.

3. Skin Type & Mounting Style

The skin forms the playing surface of the drum, so the type of skin affects how it feels to play - an important choice! The standard skin for a djembe is a medium goat skin. You may also choose thicker skin for a more responsive feel and deeper sound, or thin for the lightest feel and most resonant sound. We also offer cow skin, which creates a dry, thick, conga-like sound - but feels harder on the hands. Mounting style means how the skin is attached to the rings and rope. The "Skin Flap Over Ring" style covers the top of the ropes and provides a comfortable playing edge. The "Exposed Ring" style is trimmed tight to the drum, showing off your ring ribbon color and the knots and loops at the top of the drum.

4. Upgrades

Certain upgrades are also available at an additional cost. Extended Hitches, Double Hitches, and Bowl Wraps add a unique aesthetic to the rope section the drum, and allow for additional colors of rope to be mixed in. Cow skin instead of goat skin creates a harder playing surface and thick, conga-like tones.