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Djembe/Dundun Classes at the Wula Drum Shop, NYC


  • July 13th: M'Bemba Bangoura
  • July 20th: NO CLASS- Enjoy a week off!
  • July 27th: M'Bemba Bangoura
  • August 3rd: M'Bemba Bangoura


  • Price: $25 Per Class (2 hours) 
  • Need a Drum? Djembe Rental: $5
  • Where? The Wula Drum Shop in Astoria, NY. Get Directions.

Please register online in advance.  
Register NOW.

Djembe/Dundun Class Time: 12:00 - 2:00 pm. (**Except June 22nd it is 2:00-4:00 pm)

*****Please arrive on time, be careful of Weekend Subway schedules, look for train service changes in advance*****


About the Classes

Come Learn Djembe, Dundun, and Krin rhythms from Guinea, West Africa. All Levels are welcome!

All Students will learn the sounds of the djembe, how to play with proper hand positioning and technique.

Krin Class- Is a log drum from the forest regions of Guinea. We have Krin for each student, no rental needed. Rhythms are also applicable to the djembe, really amazing patterns. 

Wula Class Faculty

M'Bemba Bangoura

M’Bemba Bangoura is a true master drummer from Guinea, West Africa. He is a veteran of “Ballet Djoliba”, the national drum and dance company of Guinea, and travels around the world teaching and performing djembe music. He is exceptional at working with all level students at the same time and also manages to challenge everyone.

M’Bemba will teach djembe and dundun parts for rhythms from West Africa, including solo phrases for the djembe. Students in M’Bemba’s class will get the history and context of the traditional and modern West African rhythms, many of which M’Bemba helped develop while in Guinea.

M’Bemba has a unique style that gets students up and running, learning to improvise and be creative while also learning the traditional rhythms!


***While M'bemba is in Guinea, for the month of January, Michael Markus will be teaching each Saturday. Don't miss it! ***