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Guinea Trip with M'Bemba Bangoura

December 28th, 2022 - January 13th, 2023


Let's Go to Guinea!

M’Bemba’s Africa Trip provides students the opportunity to study, observe, and immerse themselves in the culture of Guinea, West Africa. Through the teachings of Master Drummer M'Bemba Bangoura, students receive daily drum and dance classes, attend performances, rehearsals, and celebrations. This year, M’Bemba will teach along with a select few guest artists.

In addition, to properly ring in the new year,  M’Bemba will host a Special New Years Eve Party! On January 1st, we are having the Wula Drum New Years Festival, featuring several performances from amazing troupes in CKY, an awards ceremony, and a family celebration, food and fun.

In addition to classes, we go on some wonderful side trips to the big markets, islands and beaches, the museum, and all the way to The Wula Reforestation Center (1-2 day trip). And The Wula Drum Shop is also available to visit, where the drums are hand made. For those interested, students can have a special drum custom built for them.


Kindia waterfall Kindia's lush environment features waterfalls

This year's Trip...

Basic Overview:

  • Conakry: Classes, Performances, see rehearsals, Museum, Markets, Dundunba Celebrations, Visit Wula Drum shop, and more
  • Island of Roume: Daily classes on the beach, swimming, relaxing, taking it all in.
  • Village of Kindia:  Daily classes, Trip to the Waterfalls, Indigo markets, see mask dances, outing to Wula Drum Reforestation Program and visit/celebrate with M'bemba's family in Village.


Classes and Performances

Classes consist of 2 drum and 2 dance classes, daily Monday-Friday (unless there is a big event)

Drum classes are taught by M'bemba, as well as a select few master drummers personally invited by M'bemba.  Students will learn Djembe and Dundun/Sangban/Kenkeni. Classes will be divided by level, to help assure that students receive the best learning possible.

Dance classes will include 1 Dundun Dance and 1 traditional dance class per day (Monday-Friday). 

Included in the cost is airport pick up, 3 meals per day, housing, all classes, and travel costs to the excursions.



16 days – $1800 USD

Pay in Full or 2 payments (Second payment is due Dec 15th)

December 28th, 2022 - January 12th, 2023

Trip to Guinea includes classes in:
Djembe, Dundun/Sangban/Kenkeni, Dance, Dundun Dance, Krin, Singing, Susu (language), Cooking (additional fee). Education is power!
⁃ Shopping
⁃ Outing to Village of Kindia 2-3 days, including side trip to Wula Reforestation site
⁃ trip to Beach/Islands
⁃ Museum tour
⁃ Wula Drum festival
⁃ Dundunba
⁃ Hire a Tailor to make clothes
⁃ See ballet, spectacles, rehearsals

Includes all meals, housing and classes

If you want to stay longer, you can make arrangements with M'Bemba!

Includes all meals,  housing, van for trips, all classes, performances, entrance to every place, pick up and drop off from airport.

Does not include airfare to and from Guinea.

Please note: Tickets are NON-refundable.


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The food is a variety of delicious sauces with fish, chicken, rice, salads, and fresh breads. Bottled water will be served with every meal. Vegetarian options available. Please let us know if you have any food allergies or requirements.

Getting There

You will need to book your ticket to Conakry, the capital city of Guinea. Your flight cost depends on which airline you use and where you are flying from. Please arrive between December 27-29th, we will arrange to pick you up at the airport. Please let us know your flight information and all details of times and contact information.


Please make sure you get your visa as soon as possible. Visit here for details: https://www.paf.gov.gn/visa

Vaccinations & Safety

Please look at the Center for Disease Control Website (www.CDC.gov) for required vaccinations to travel to Guinea, West Africa. A Yellow Fever shot is required, and we strongly urge everyone to get pills for malaria prevention. Upon registering, we will send you much additional detail about safety precautions, procedure for sickness or injury, and how to best be careful and enjoy your trip to the fullest!


Feel free to e-mail us for more information: info@wuladrum.com