Wula Select Dundun Set - PreOrder

Wula Drum Select Dunduns are beautiful pieces of Melina wood, sanded , oiled, and dyed red.  Because they and-made from a single piece of wood, they have a rich tone and will project clearly. The Select model features some chip carving decoration and come fully assembled with best quality cow skin, metal rings, and non-stretch rope. 

  • Hand carved from a single section of Melina wood
  • Oiled and Waxed to Protect Wood
  • Hand selected cow hides
  • Carefully Tuned
  • Dundun: Aprox. 17-20" x 26-29"
  • Songba: Aprox. 12-13.5" x 24"
  • Kenkeni: Aprox. 10-11" x 21"
  • Sizes may vary

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