TEST - 2017 Playalong Series Vol. 1 - Sofa

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Sofa comes from the Malinke ethnic group in Faranah, Guinea. The rhythm Sofa is played for the soldiers the village - to protect the king. Sofa is also played with other instruments: The bolon (a big calabash with three strings), and tama (talking drum). It be played with the bolon and a single djembe playing the first accompaniment part.

Beginners to advanced students can now collect a library of rhythms straight from the source! Play Along with M'Bemba and Michael to learn West African Drumming from Guinea. Each part of the rhythm is demonstrated and repeated - all you have to do is play along! M'Bemba also demonstrates and repeats Solo Phrases - listen through and play along with M'Bemba Bangoura!


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