Dundun Rental

You'll need your own dundun to take dundun danceclasses (a popular class at the Retreat, taught by M'Bemba Bangoura). The dundun sets used in djembe and dundun classes are provided.

There are typically around 5 dundun dance classes on the schedule.

All other classes provide instruments on a first-come, first-served basis in each class.

  • Rent a dundun when you register, or add it later, we will bring one to the Retreat for you.
  • You are welcome and encouraged to bring your own dundun if possible, but we are happy to provide a rental option.
  • Choose from One-Day, Weekend (Friday-Sunday), or Full Retreat (any ticket longer than the weekend).
  • There will be a rental station at the dundun dance class where you'll check in and out with your rental for the class.
  • Rental dundun are checked out at the beginning of class, and returned at the end of the same class - no exceptions.
  • We'll look up your registration (using your name and order confirmation number) at the rental station to confirm your rental.
  • All dundun rentals include sticks, to be returned with the rental drum.
  • Please arrive early to dundun dance classes to claim your rental! 

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