Wula Ropeless Djembe

The Wula Drum Pro Ropeless metal hardware djembe developed out of requests from many different professional players and studio musicians who wanted the traditional sound, but do not want to deal with tuning or pulling ropes. Some folks have bad backs, others simply don't have the time. This drum has the same fantastic premium sound and beauty we have all known to love with all Wula Drum products. Each drum has it's own custom made and precisely fitted hardware made in the USA.

Many people would like to play djembe but don't know how to tune or change a skin if they have to. If you have always wanted an easy to tune drum but also wanted to keep the traditional sound and feel then this might be the drum for you.

Order Your Wula Ropeless Djembe Today

There are two ways to get your hands on a Wula Ropeless Djembe:

1.) Add the Hardware to your Wula djembe shell
Order a Wula Drum Shell and then add the Ropeless Djembe Hardware Kit. Wula will install the custom hardware and a sturdy calf skin. Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping.

2.) Buy a finished Ropeless Djembe when in stock
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