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The Wula Drum & Dance Retreat is Canceled

Important message from Michael Markus

We are very sorry to announce that this year’s Wula Drum and Dance Retreat is officially canceled.

The Wula Drum and Dance Retreat, in its 24th+ year, originates from the joy of bringing teachers and students together to share, learn, and celebrate through music and dance. We are extremely lucky to be connected with such ambassadors of their culture. Also, each participant brings their personal input that generates a much larger, greater thing which unites us all.

Due to an illness in the family, I am forced to make this tough decision. We are a small company, with a lot of responsibility held by few people. At this time, unfortunately, there is no way to run this event without my involvement and presence.  

Therefore, after careful consideration, I'm so sorry to say, we’ve decided to cancel the event this year.

PLEASE NOTE: Everyone who registered has been notified and will be fully refunded. If for any reason there is someone we haven’t reached, please contact us via email here: retreat@wuladrum.com

We look forward to reuniting again in the future.

Michael Markus,

President of Wula Drum