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If you are planning on coming to the event, or like to get the nitty-gritty details before registering, you may want to jump straight to the FAQ Detail page.

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Retreat FAQ General

Tickets & Rates

Due to the pandemic, we have changed the length and ticket structure of the event.

There is only one ticket for the 2020 Wula Retreat: Thursday 4pm. – Sunday 2pm. 

If you registered before July 24th, you will need a Retreat Ticket Adjustment (please click to learn more)

If you registered on or after July 24th, you don't need to do anything. 

Find a button on our website that says Register Now and it will take you to the 2020 Retreat Ticket. Add as many as you need to your cart, and then click your cart to checkout.

When you add a ticket to your cart, the cart will transform into a Retreat Registration form. Click your cart to review your ticket(s) and fill out your registration form before moving on to payment/checkout.

We love groups and make it easy on your registration to name the people you want to stay with. Please look over the Group Information if you are planning on being part of a group.

Follow this link to the Tickets and Rates page to see a layout of all rates.

Due to delicate and constantly changing circumstances and ordinances, Wula reserves the right to cancel the event at any time. If Wula cancels the event, all participants will receive a 100% full refund. If the event is already underway, refunds will be pro-rated depending on how much of the event was cancelled. 

During this time, we also need to tighten up our policy for cancellations by the participant. If you need to cancel your registration, you must send us an e-mail by August 28th. After August 28th, there will be no refunds for a cancellation. Your only option will be to transfer the registration to somebody else.

The tickets are all-inclusive, so there's no discount for not using certain parts of your ticket (e.g. bringing all your own food), except we do have a hotel discount if you are not staying on site with us.

You’ll still be able to check-in as long as it's not past 11pm. when we close for the day. Just follow signs for where to go. If you have any trouble, go to the Marketplace and find the Wula Store where somebody can help you.

There are no refunds or discounts for late arrivals.

We do NOT have a "Supporter" ticket this year. If you are an adult at the Retreat, there is only one ticket option

We will not be accepting work-study applications this year.

Food and Lodging

Lodging is the most affected because we are not putting people into shared cabins this year. Everybody coming to the Retreat gets their own private space. Since they are large group cabins, we ask people with family and close friends who can be in a "pod" to share if possible, but when you register for the event, everybody will have the option for their own private cabin.

Read more about Lodging ->

Food will be served by masked and gloved staff, with social distancing and mask rules in full affect for everybody receiving their food. We will use the large outdoor space and both large dining halls for maximum separation and staggered seated.

Read more about Food->

Yes! Three delicious meals are served each day plus lots of extra snacks, coffee, tea, etc. Food Details

And every ticket includes the option for a private cabin this year for maximum safety. Lodging Details

On Site in Cabins

You can stay in your own cabin, you can stay with all the people you register with, or you can stay with other people who register separately. As long as you let us know on your registration, we will put your in the right place.

On Site in Camping/RV

You can pitch your tent a few different places around the Retreat grounds. Depending on how many people end up camping, we will figure out how to make sure everybody has access to a clean bathroom and shower.

While there are no RV hookups at the Retreat, there is a designated area for RV parking area close to the main parking lot. Ticket prices are the same whether you stay in our cabins or bring your own tent/RV.

More about Lodging->


There are many hotels within 10 miles of the retreat. There are also many Air BnB options. Please book your own accommodations well in advance of the event. If you stay in a hotel, we'll refund you $25/person/night off your Retreat Registration. 

To get the refund applied up front as a discount, feel free to use the following discount codes when you register and check out:

1NightHotel- $25 Off coupon
2NightsHotel - $50 Off coupon
3NightsHotel- $75 Off coupon
4NightsHotel - $100 Off coupon
5NightsHotel- $125 Off coupon

While we can’t guarantee a specific cabin (e.g. "please put me in H6"), you can let us know what you prefer and we can usually make it work.

If a specific cabin number is the easiest way to organize your group, that's OK, but please be advised that it may be a different cabin number in the same area.


Yes! This year, you can. Until we sell out, all tickets come with the option for your own private cabin space. If you are with family or close friends that you can be in a "pod" with, we appreciate you sharing space to make room for others on the waiting list. The cabins are very large and have multiple bathrooms.

Plan Your Trip

Official GPS addres:

300 Camp Akiba Rd.

Reeders, PA 18360

Directions and more

We encourage you to find a way to drive yourself so you don't have to use public transportation to arrive at the event.

The Retreat is only a couple hours from New York City, so it is best to fly in to the New York area. There are public buses from Port Authority that go to the Pocono Valley Area. The area has taxis and Ubers to get you to the Retreat.

If you are planning on renting a car or getting picked up somewhere, EWR airport in Newark, NJ is much closer and you can skip the whole NYC traffic.

There will be NO BUS SERVICE IN 2020


We encourage you to find a way to drive yourself so you don't have to use public transportation to arrive at the event.

There are buses from Port Authority that take you to Stroudsburg Park & Ride, PA where you get a Taxi or Uber to the Retreat.

Learn More->

Here is a helpful packing list, which includes considerations for COVID-19.

Main thing to know: The cabins are not heated, and do not come with any linens - you must bring all your own fall weather sleeping gear (sleeping bag, blankets, sheets, pillows, however you want to do it), towels, toiletries, etc.

Over the past few years we have had a variety of weather: fair and sunny, hot and humid, chilly, rainy - you name it! We request the very best weather each year, but we advise you to check the weather forecast for Reeders, PA as the event gets near for the best predictions.

At the Event

Currently, Pocono Valley is OPEN and taking every safety precaution possible.

Safety First
We have a list of safety precautions and rules each participant will need to follow to attend the retreat: wearing a mask, social distancing, etc. Please read these here

We need 100 people registered in order to have the event.
We will stop taking new registrations when we reach 150 people (for reference, last year there were 300 people). 150 people is 16% of the venue capacity.

We are taking extreme precautions with every part of the Retreat. Classes will be outdoor (covered) and distanced, food service will be carefully regulated and monitored, dining space will be tripled, and everything will be cleaned throughout the day. Please read the Pandemic Guidelines for Wula Retreat

Some amenities might be unavailable due to COVID-19 precautions. We are still developing a plan for what amenities be "open". 

The Retreat is self-guided. For class titles that do specify beginnerintermediate, or advanced, there is no audition or placement process. We ask that you respect your fellow retreaters by staying in a class that is at your level. Keep in mind that we have people who have never played a drum, and people who have studied in Africa for 25 years at the same event. Here are some helpful words from Michael Markus.

Kids programming is cancelled for Wula 2020 

Aside from watching or participating in our amazing classes, the Pocono Valley facility has playgrounds, swimming pools, sports courts, a big lake, and lots more to enjoy. Each ticket has rates for youth ages 0-6 (FREE), 7-11, and 12-17. 

Some amenities might be unavailable due to COVID-19 precautions. We are still developing a plan for what amenities be "open". 

All arrival times (except Saturday day tickets) are at 4pm. so that you can settle in your cabin and join us for dinner at 5 pm. - then dive in!

If you want to take any classes before 4 pm., you need to buy the Ticket Extender Add-On for $75 - then you can arrive at any time after 8am on the day of your ticket! Arrival and Check-In Details

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