Our Mission

The Wula Reforestation Project is a catalyst for restoring and sustaining trees commonly used in drum manufacturing in Guinea, West Africa. Beginning on private land owned by Wula Drum located in the Kindia Region, our mission is to plant and preserve trees, to develop sustainable practices, and to positively impact the environment.


This is a new chapter for Wula. We've made a commitment to the land, and the Wula Reforestation Project represents the full vision of this organization. The Wula team is proud and excited! Proud to help create sustainable income for our talented instrument makers, and excited to now give something back to the environment. Please get in touch to learn how you can get involved!

– Michael Markus
President, Wula Drum

How Can You Support Reforestation?

10% of all djembe and dundun sales directly supports the Wula Reforestation Project and all proceeds from special edition shirt and special edition water bottle sales go directly to support reforestation in Guinea.

It's a great way to get involved in the project and to show your support for sustainability.

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