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 - A great drum for every drummer -

Wula Drum has a dedicated team of drum builders in Guinea, West Africa. They work very hard every season to provide the highest-quality instruments using the best materials. Our djembes are sourced from the best hardwoods in Guinea: Lengue, Khadi, Acajou, Doukie, Koula Koula, as well as Melina Wood for our lighter drums.

Wula Drum has created several different models, or class systems for the djembe. Each model has a unique style and characteristics, as well as  an original decoration. Every drum is different!  It is our mission to provide a great drum for every drummer. It is our goal for everyone to understand the amount of work that goes into making each drum and how Wula Drum may differ from other companies. 



Hardwood Drums

Special Piece Hardwood Djembe

The Special Piece is our top djembe model, made from the best rough shells in our stock. Each Special Piece drum is a unique work of art, handcrafted and assembled by Wula Drum's master carvers at our workshop in Guinea. The signature feature of a Special Piece is the Step Drum form. The step carved into the bottom of the bowl keeps rings snug for superb tuning. The step also allows for a wider bowl and flare-out of the stem. These features, and the assembly using the finest materials gives the Special Piece a cleaner, more separated slap and tone, increased volume, and an overall clarity of sound. 

Special Piece drums are further categorized by 4 levels of decoration: Bowl and Stem (SP1), Single Motifs (SP2), Partial Stem Chip Carving (SP3), and without decoration (SP4). 


Ivory Coast Style Djembe
Djembes from the Ivory Coast have a beautiful and unique form. Together with our master carvers in Guinea, we have created our own version of the Ivory Coast Style Djembe. These drums sound amazing and look fantastic.  We made only 10 of these to start, one of which is mounted with a calf skin.  Check out our video clips on the store page, and let us know what you think!



Select Hardwood Djembe
The Select djembe model features a Round Bowl form and is made from Guinea's finest hardwoods: Lengue, Khadi, Acajou, and Douki. We use the best materials, including custom made rope, hand-selected goat skins, and a rubber bottom. Select djembes have decoration on the entire stem, or are left bare to highlight the natural beauty of the wood grain.

The Select model is a stocky, durable, and professional djembe.



Cosa Hardwood Djembe
The Cosa djembe model is a classic, excellent sounding Round Bowl hardwood drum. Made with Lengue, Khadi, Acajou, or Douki wood, they are handcrafted and assembled by Wula Drum's master carvers. The decoration is on the lower 1/4 - 1/3 of the stem, and features a 'Twist Tie' Mounting style (rings showing), and comes with rubber bottom.
The Cosa djembe is our most affordable hardwood djembe, yet it remains an excellent option with high-quality craftsmanship and materials.



Melina Wood Djembes

Melina is a light-weight, fast-growing, and slightly softer wood from Guinea. Often called 'White Wood' it is the common wood of the dun dun, karin, and small djembes.  Wula Drum have developed it into  great sounding djembes in the Melina SP, Melina Select, and Melina Classic models. 

Special Piece Melina Djembe
The Special Piece Melina is made with the same step design as our Special Piece hardwood drums, and features a unique motif decoration on the full stem of the drum. Although a lighter drum, they sound incredible, proving that much of the djembes' sound quality depends on the inside carving quality of materials used, not just the type of wood. Please check out our video clips on the store page. 



Select Djembe
The Select Melina djembe is made with the same round bowl design as our Select hardwood drums, and features carving decoration on ⅓ of the stem of the drum. These handmade drums are easy to carry around and are assembled with our finest materials including, custom-made non-stretch rope, and the finest goat skin



Cosa Melina Djembe
The Cosa Melina djembe are referred to as our 'School Drum' because they are light weight, durable, and affordable.These 'Round Bowl Form' Djembes are carved from Melina wood and have a simple design on the stem as well as a rubber bottom. Although a more affordable drum, we make sure to carve them professionally and tune them well. They sound excellent!