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Wholesale Account Information

Welcome to Wula Wholesale, a Worldwide Drum Family


Using Your Wholesale Account

This page is only accessible by logging in with your approved wholesale account. Contact us to make your wholesale order, and when we send you the link to pay, please make sure you are logged in with your account. This will allow you to track your order history and may qualify you for specials and discounts after reaching spending thresholds with your account.

Learn About Wula Products

Please view our Catalog to find information about what products we offer, the specifications of each product, and a general idea of our Retail pricing.

The About Our Drums page has more information about how our drums are made, and an alternate view of our catalog organized by model type.

Contact Wula Drum at info@wuladrum.com to make your order. Please look through the PDF catalog, or browse our online store catalog to make a list of what you want to order.


More information

Ordering from New York
  • "From New York” implies that we are shipping the product to you from our warehouse in New York City, and not directly from Guinea.
  • Wholesale product prices do not include shipping cost from New York City to you. 
  • Items are hand-picked from our inventory in New York City.


    Ordering Direct From Guinea
  • Most international Wula Wholesale accounts will make orders that are shipped directly from Guinea.
  • One of many benefits of wholesale with Wula Drum is that we provide the necessary paperwork, information, and advice in order to receive the shipment including: understanding how to make formal entries, clearing customs, etc.
  • Wula will provide all general cargo information including tracking and schedules.  
  • When the shipment arrives to your location, it is your (the customer’s) responsibility to make the proper arrangements to import the products. Let us know if you need help with this.
  • There is a $2,500 minimum when ordering from Guinea because there is a minimum weight requirement for the air cargo shipment. 
  • Djembe Orders

    When ordering djembe drums, sizes typically range from 11" to 14"

  • You can request specific sizes


    Please take a look at ourCatalog to better understand the type of decoration used on each model.

  • Each drum is unique and decorated by hand. We do not use templates.
  • Your wholesale order is handpicked to include drums with a variety of decoration.

    Wood types
    You can learn more about our models and wood types on theAbout Our Drums page.

  • Our Hardwood models come in Khadi, Lengue, Acajou, and Douki wood. 
  • Our Melina models are all made from Melina wood. 
  • Wholesale orders of hardwood djembes typically include an equal distribution of each wood type. You can also request more or less of a specific wood type.

  • Our drum shells are fully finished. They are sanded, oiled, and waxed.
  • The bearing edge is rounded to perfection. 
  • Rings are included but are not wrapped with fabric.
  • Each drum model that features a rubber bottom will have a rubber bottom on the shell (please consult the Catalog).

    Important Notes

  • All prices do not include shipping. We can provide a shipping estimate. Final Shipping will be billed when drums are packed and shipment has been scheduled with the Cargo company.
  • If ordering directly from Guinea, please make sure to read the ‘Direct from Guinea’ info packet (coming soon, contact us to discuss for now)
  • Purchases over $5,000 get an additional 5% discount!
  • Purchases over $10,000 get an additional 10% discount!
  • Larger orders orders can receive bigger incentives
  • Special Piece Djembe orders may not qualify for additional discounts, and may include a minimum purchase amount.