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Wholesale Programs

Wholesale Programs for resellers big and small

Our wholesale customers include all types of international and domestic resellers: schools, drum builders, teachers, and all those in-between. Various wholesale programs and bulk discounts are available, designed to fit your purchasing needs. You can pick and choose items, using your private account, directly on our newly integrated web store! Wholesale Pricing is available on every Wula product, and we offer incentives for ordering higher quantities. We can ship from our headquarters in New York City, or directly from our production center in Guinea, West Africa.


Who needs a Wula Wholesale Account?

Some of our wholesale pricing is offered to the public, including some shells, all skins, all rope, all sticks, and some other accessories. You do not need a wholesale account to take advantage of wholesale pricing on these items.


3 Easy Steps to Shop at Wholesale Pricing 



Wula Wholesale Application