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Wula Retreat Terms & Conditions

  1. Wula Drum reserves the right to refuse registration and /or entry to anyone who seems unfit or at risk to attend.

  2. Wula Drum or Byrn Mawr are not responsible for any stolen or damaged personal items, or valuables. Please leave any special irreplaceable item at home.

  3. Wula Drum does document the event by taking photos and video throughout the event. We acknowledge everyone’s right to privacy and are mindful to be cautious. However, it is possible your image could appear (amongst the photos of public) on our promotional materials, social media etc. Please feel free to let us know if you see your image and do not want us to use it, we can take it down.

  4. By attending the event each person adheres to the rules and regulations of Bryn Mawr, including: no drugs, no pets, no weapons, no fighting, and no trespassing in specific restricted areas. Any unwarranted social conduct will not be tolerated and participants asked to leave. Anyone who is breaking the rules and regulations will be ejected from the premises without any refund.

  5. Please help create a safe, positive environment and be respectful of others, their personal space, their materials, and their right to learn freely without being bothered.