Wula Download: Wamato Instructional DVD Vol. 2 from M'Bemba Bangoura

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Join M'bemba Bangoura and Wula Drummers to learn djembe rhythms from the source. M'Bemba is a highly acclaimed teacher and performer from Guinea, and even invented some of the breaks and parts that are used universally in djembe drumming today.

Learn djembe on the go with these Mp4 Files! Each rhythm and feature are separate files, and the download includes the cover art, liner notes, and PDF Transcriptions!

"Wamato: Everybody Look!" - Volume Two includes the following rhythms:
  • Kassa
  • Tiriba
  • Doundoungbe
  • Mane
  • Lamba (bonus track)

Each Instructional DVD includes:

  • The Breaks (starting and stopping signals)
  • Three Djembe Accompaniments for each rhythm
  • Dundun / Songba / Kenkeni parts for each rhythm
  • Ensemble Demonstration (slow and fast tempos)
  • Ensemble Demonstration w/ Solo (slow and fast tempos)
  • History and cultural explanation of each rhythm Interview with M'bemba Bangoura
  • Improvised Djembe solo by M'bemba Bangoura
  • Improvised Djembe solo by Laurent Camara
  • Improvised Balaphone solo by Famaro Dioubate
  • Outtakes from the making of the DVD


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