Wula Wamato Instructional DVD Vol. 2 from M'Bemba Bangoura

This is a harcopy DVD - no download is included. For the download DVD, go here

Join M'bemba Bangoura and Wula Drummers to learn djembe rhythms from the source. M'Bemba is a highly acclaimed teacher and performer from Guinea, and even invented some of the breaks and parts that are used universally in djembe drumming today.

"Wamato: Everybody Look!" - Volume Two includes the following rhythms:

  • Kassa
  • Tiriba
  • Doundoungbe
  • Mane
  • Lamba (bonus track)

Each Instructional DVD includes:

The Breaks (starting and stopping signals) - Three Djembe Accompaniments for each rhythm - Dundun / Songba / Kenkeni parts for each rhythm - Ensemble Demonstration (slow and fast tempos) - Ensemble Demonstration w/ Solo (slow and fast tempos) - History and cultural explanation of each rhythm Interview with M'bemba Bangoura - Improvised Djembe solo by M'bemba Bangoura - Improvised Djembe solo by Laurent Camara - Improvised Balaphone solo by Famaro Dioubate - Outtakes from the making of the DVD

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