Wula Rope - 500 ft. spool

1 - Black/Blue
2 - Orange/Grey/Blue
3 - Aqua/Green/Black
4 - Yellow/Orange
5 - Grey/Black/Yellow
6 - Purple Light/Dark
7 - Rasta Senior
8 - Rasta Junior

A standard Wula djembe uses a total 80 ft. of rope, including the leftover rope for tuning.

Wula Drum Rope is custom made to withstand the high tension of a professional djembe drum. It is non-stretch rope that we have used for many years. Using high-grade rope like this holds the tuning of your drum, minimizes breakage, and can be re-used. 

  • 5.5mm diameter rope is ideal for verticals (the main rope on the djembe)
  • 4mm diameter rope is ideal for tying rings (the loops on the top and bottom rings)
  • Ideal for any djembe
  • Length of Rope: 500 ft.
  • Variety of colors available
  • Simply select the color you want and the number of feet ("Quantity") and Add to Cart
  • Sold by the Spool (to purchase by the foot, see Rope by the Foot)

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