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Thursday - Sunday | September 17-20

Buy your tickets here for the very first socially distanced 2020 Wula Drum Retreat

Currently, Pocono Valley is OPEN and taking every safety precaution possible.

Safety First
We have a list of safety precautions and rules each participant will need to follow to attend the retreat: wearing a mask, social distancing, etc. Please read these here

We need a minimum of 100 people registered in order to have this event.

We will only accept a maximum of 150 people(for reference, last year there were 300+ people)

Registration closes on August 28th


  • Add a ticket to your cart for each person coming to the Retreat.
  • The Cart will then become a Retreat Registration Form that you can fill out and follow through to checkout
  • We'll e-mail you a Registration Confirmation, and continued updates as the event approaches.


  • If things change between now and the event, and Wula has to cancel the event, we will give a full refund to every participant.
  • Participants must cancel by August 28th to receive a refund. Cancellations after August 28th will not receive a refund.

WULA 2020: Me & My Drum

New Dates: September 17-20 (Thursday–Sunday)

West African Drumming Intensive:
Ivory Coast, Guinea, Mali, Senegal

Brazilian Drumming, and More

Special Topic Classes: African Songs, History, and Culture

We are so happy to be able to drum together this year, 6 feet apart! Safety is important to us and we are making lots of preparations to make sure we all stay healthy. We need everyone’s help by following our strict guidelines.  The retreat facility has lots of open space and by limiting enrollment, we can make sure most everyone HAS THEIR OWN CABIN.  And weather permitting, classes will be outside. It’s possible we may have a few dance classes, outside, but we are not decided on this yet 100%. Mostly we will focus on DRUMMING. As usual we will have an all star cast of teachers.

One Ticket

We are only offering one ticket this year: Thursday to Sunday. You can arrive after Thursday if you like, but it is only one ticket price. If you registered before July 24th, you will need a "Registration Adjustment", including filing out a new form and also receiving a payment adjustment. We will send out an e-mail to the whole list with instructions for your partial payment or refund (depending on which Ticket and Add-Ons you had before) and instructions for how to update your registration. If you haven’t registered yet, please go ahead and do so, don’t delay as we will stop registration at 150 people

Socially Distanced Classes

All classes will be outdoors, or in a large space with open walls. Students will sit 6+ feet apart. Each class will be limited in size and require sign-up in advance (instructions to follow). We will make sure to offer enough classes to have a selection keep the class size down and to keep everyone happy with choices.

Private Cabins for All!

That's right folks! This year and this year only, you can have your own cabin. Those of you who haven't been to the event before should know, these are large, 30ft. long cabins. Also available for couples, families as well.  There are hotels in the area for those who prefer it. We will do everything we can to make everyone safe and comfortable. Even if you decide you want to share a space with somebody else, each cabin has two-three toilets, two-three sinks, and two showers for maximum separation. We will also add a curtain to separate sleeping, so each person will have plenty of private space.

Safety, Safety, Safety.

Pocono Valley is open for camps this summer and is allowed to operate at a reduced capacity of 50%. The capacity of Pocono Valley is about 700 people. To be as safe as possible, we are capping it off at 150 this year (~20% capacity). There are two massive dining halls for very staggered seating, as well as outdoor seating. Food will be served by staff only at stations so people will not touch anything except their own plate and utensils. Housing is private and semi-private with plenty of space. Classes are in large spaces and limited occupancy. PV is being super considerate and pro-active about safety for all their summer camps this year. We have discussed this thoroughly and following all the CDC guidelines plus more.

Because we NEED THIS!

We can't wait to escape the city into the wide open fields of Pocono Valley to safely and responsibly drum our brains out!

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