Djembe Fever Drum & Dance Tour

Posted on March 12, 2017 by Wula Drum

Djembe Fever Tour Flyer

Scientists have not yet been able to find a cure for Djembe Fever. This mysterious illness affects millions of people around the world. To avoid djembe fever, it is recommended to stay away from the amazing drum and dance rhythms of West Africa.

Symptoms of djembe fever are: 

  • Can't stop drumming
  • Can't stop dancing to the beat
  • A increase in appetite, especially for tasty new djembe phrases and dance moves
  • Always talking about drum and dance
  • Wearing drum and dance t-shirts
  • Attending the Wula Drum Retreat
  • Going to learn drum and dance in West Africa with M'Bemba on his yearly trip.

M'Bemba Bangoura and Michael Markus are completely infected with djembe fever. We strongly recommend NOT coming to the drum and dance classes they are presenting across the U.S. on this Spring tour - it is highly likely that contact with these classes will infect anybody who is new to drum and dance, and it can dramatically intensify the symptoms of those who already have this highly contagious illness.

Djembe Fever is dangerous, contagious, and there is no cure. The only treatment seems to be non-stop drumming and dancing, and those with the illness are doing all they can to survive.

To see the dates and locations of these highly dangerous classes, visit the Djembe Fever Tour Page.

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