2018 Djembe Fever Tour

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Drum Classes and Dance Classes

Taught by Master Drummer and Dancer M’Bemba Bangoura from Guinea, West Africa

Guinea has many parts with many different styles of drum and dance. Growing up in Conakry, M'Bemba was exposed to all of these styles in the cultural melting pot of the city. By the age of 21, he was an acclaimed and accomplished drummer and was invited to play for Ballet Djoliba, the National Ensemble of Guinea. After playing with Djoliba and other groups in Guinea for 13 years, M'Bemba moved to the US in 1992.

M'Bemba travels the world performing, teaching, and sharing his love for drum and dance. Now he is coming to a city near you! Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from M'Bemba and his trusty sidekick, Michael Markus. Michael, president of Wula Drum and creator of the Wula Drum and Dance Retreat, is known as a great teacher himself.

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With Michael Markus

As a musician, artistic director and educator, Michael Markus has spent over twenty years performing, teaching and studying West African, Afro-Cuban, and American styles of drumming. Along with a BFA in percussion, he has mentored with accomplished master indigenous artists and travels often to Guinea to learn more.

Michael is a visionary and charismatic teacher of drum and dance workshops throughout the United States and Canada. Michael has co-produced and released a CD of his previous group, Magbana, as well as a series of 11 educational percussion CDs, plus a DVD of master drummers from Guinea.

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Class Descriptions

Djembe/DunDun Class with M’bemba Bangoura

A lively, fun, and supportive atmosphere creates a great learning environment for African drumming. Students are taught the correct sounds and technique of the djembe, as well as specific accompaniment rhythms and even learn solo phrases. Students will get the history, cultural significance, and traditions of the music and its people and leave with a solid feeling of a specific rhythm from Guinea, West Africa.

DunDun Dance

Play the Dundun and dance at the same time! Each student plays a dundun (bass drum) while learning steps and fun choreographed movements. It is powerful as the class moves in unison and power of the dunduns shake the walls. This class is a movement class, however not as strenuous or aerobic as a dance class, and is great for all levels, beginner to advanced.

African Dance

Come learn the graceful, energetic dances from Guinea, West Africa. Live drummers accompany the class, connecting the beat to the dance to create an incredible feeling. You can get the rhythm in your feet first, before incorporating the movement through the whole body. Great for all levels, absolute beginner to advanced.

Let’s all join together and celebrate the power of the drum and the movements it inspires! A facilitator will help guide you but improvising is welcomed as it is all about self expression. Drummers are encouraged to learn the dance, and vice versa!


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