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January 14, 2016 1 min read

Melina wood is a fast-growing "white wood" that is used to make affordable and light-weight djembes. With Wula Drum's superior carving technique, this light-weight wood is made to produce great sounds. With an option for every drummer, Wula Melina djembes come in our Special Piece, Select, and Classic models. Wula seeks to act sustainably and responsibly by planting Melina trees and harvesting them from our own plantation.

Excerpt from Ethical Forestry.com:

"Melina, known as Gmelina Arborea from the family Verbenaceae, is a fast growing forest species that offers a wide range of possibilities for industrial reforestation development due not only to its fast growth, but also to its relatively easy management, versatility and physical and mechanical properties."

Watch Ibrahim "Kolipe" Camara play a Wula Melina Classic Djembe